\ The Ammanford Untouchables documentary

The Ammanford Untouchables | run time 40 minutes

In this documentary, nine of the people that recorded noises, coming from behind Sophia Nails in Ammanford, share what they discovered.

Lady Lesley Cooper investigated this matter herself and shares what she discovered.

A former US soldier, Dan Beitzel, a man trained in detecting criminality and recognizing weapons, gives his opinions on the noises recorded.

All of us agree that these noises are real.

I believe that this presentation goes along way to proving that criminality is, or perhaps was, taking place underneath the basement of our former house.

Our concern is for the people that were recorded crying and screaming, what happened to them?

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During our investigation we have received many "privacy complaints ", some of those complaints were made even though no one appeared in the video and no one could be heard speaking.

One example of this was a video we posted, in the video a young child could be heard saying "I want to get dressed", and that was all that could be heard, if we presume the young child did not complain about the video, who did and what was the purpose of their complaint?

At one point, someone managed to hack our website and close it, although we did not know it at the time, a video was posted on YouTube that details our sudden disappearance from the web.

We spent lock down living in the back of our van rebuilding our website.

If you would like to know more about the lengths that someone went to to stop us realising this material, have a look at this page.

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