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The Girl in Pink shoes by Jesscia Harrington

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The Girl in Pink shoes | Jessica Harrington

A blue dividing line

During our investigation we came across the disturbing story of Jessica Harrington.

We invited Jessica to share her experiences on this page, this is what she said:

Hi, my name is Jessica Harrington, I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and also the Author of "The Girl In The Pink Shoes" .

I was sexually abused for 7 years, starting at the age of 9 years old, by my stepfather.

What started out as genital grooming, quickly developed, a needle was placed in my neck and I woke up to find blood and semen coming out of me.

I was only a child.

As time went on, his advances became more blatant, the drugs he injected in to me were disregarded and the brutal rapes began.

He started to film my ordeal on hidden cameras, he had placed around the house and flood the footage taken on to the Internet for other sick individuals to see.

Eventually the viewing pleasure of these monsters was not enough, and I was placed within a pedophile ring.

No where was safe for me.

A family holiday or a day trip out, turned in to a painful nightmare that will always haunt me.

Jessica told us that one of the worst parts about all this was her own mother was aware of what was happening to her.

She drank her wine, glass after glass and I would find myself beaten to within an inch of my life, by her hand.

While the serious abuse was happening at home, my timid nature at school became noticed and a target was soon placed on my back.

The bullies at school made my life a living hell and I no longer had any self worth.

I had become just a play thing for people to abuse and torment, so I decided to end my life.

Someone found me hanging and I was saved, but not from the abuse.

A part of me died inside and I became a shell of a person, as I continued to live with these horrors each day.

Eventually my stepfather was caught and sent to prison.

He was given a pitiful sentence for his crimes and my mother vanished without ever seeing a courtroom for her crimes.

People clapped and cheered, they had there man before moving on to the next case, I on the other hand was left feeling numb and no longer the problem of the social services, as I had just turned 18.

Confused, broken and not knowing what to do, I was cast out into the big bad world.

Many people suffer each year, as I did, they are offered very little help or support and many are terrified to even breath a word of what has happened to them.

Sadly the silence protects the abuser and must stop, along with the taboo that surrounds this topic.

I wrote my book, as I know I'm not the only person this is happening or has happened too.

I didn't turn to drinking and drugs, instead I reclaimed the power and control these people took from me, by writing my book.

Your Voice UK

Please help me to help others, still trapped in this situation.

I am in the process of launching a charity designed to offer help and support called, Your Voice UK.

Your Voice UK aims to open centers across the UK, to offer free counseling and a place of safety for children/young adults who have been pulled from abusive situations, before being placed in foster care.

By purchasing a copy of my book. I can speed up the process of putting my charity in place, which I hope to launch in the next few weeks.

It also helps to bring this subject to the attention of the main stream media.

The Girl In The Pink Shoes, is available on Amazon, so please click here and buy a copy.

If you would like to follow my journey, please just follow my Facebook pages, the Girl In the Pink Shoes.

A like and share, of this post, helps to raise awareness and also helps this post to reach other children / young adults that have also been affected and silenced.

So please help me to help them!

Best wishes

Jessica Harrington, The Girl In The Pink Shoes.

A blue dividing line